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New York has been on my mind, over the past few weeks. When things get difficult or uncertain, I do an audit, to determine whether this place is worth it. Obviously after fourteen years, the pros have won, but it has been a real struggle. My first apartment in New York was a fifth floor walk-up, jr. one bedroom, that I shared with my former college roommate.  The building was near the UN, so technically I lived in a good neighborhood. It's just that my building

What do these three things have in common, furniture found on the street, food on the verge of going bad and a pratfall? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you. My weekly food planning strategy is stupid at best. I eat whatever takes the least effort first, which is usually the stuff that takes longer to rot. So my strategy is abject laziness, procrastination and counterintuitive. Last week I ate Sweet Potatoes for three days in a row. Then I ate the vegetables that I could stir fry quickly