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I wear sneakers everyday. I wear them to work, to dinner and sometimes to formal events. I have other shoes, but if given a choice it’s sneakers. My mother and I used to argue about wearing nice shoes. She finally gave up a couple of years ago. The earliest fight I remember was in July of 1981. I was getting ready for Ravi’s birthday party. My mother and I picked out a red and white checkered apron dress. Then my mother pulled out the dreaded patent leather mary Janes. (My church and function shoes.) I was immediately annoyed and indignant. I was only going next door, to run in the backyard and eat cake. I never wore my function shoes to the Bergers’ house. This seemed like a punishment.

I refused. She said

Mom: Cara, you have to wear your nice shoes with your dress.
Me: But, I wear dresses and tennis shoes to school.
Mom: But this is a party.
Me: So, it’s at the Bergers?
Mom: Cara you are going to be late.
Me: I don’t want to wear them.
Mom: Cara

You see where this argument was going. Nowhere.I stared out the window and watched the other kids arrive. My mother came up behind me and looked out.

Mom: See, look all the other girls have on their nice shoes. Don’t you want to have your nice shoes on too?

She was right, all the girls were wearing their party shoes. The boys however, were wearing sneakers.

Me: The boys are wearing sneakers.
Mom: Cara… Fine

I like sneakers, what can I say. Lately I have been struggling to find a pair of black high tops. I am at that age where I have to care about comfort, but I also don’t want to look like I have given up. The reason for my struggle is not that there aren’t a lot of options, there are, just not in my size. I wear a size 5 in women’s shoes which is a 3 in men’s or a 35 in Europe.

Nike has some that I am obsessed with, but they don’t come in my size.



These are my favorite, but they come in a half size too large.



December 15, 2016
New York: Atlantic Records
March 3, 2017
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  • Katie

    I love sneakers too. My favorite “dress shoes” are black Fila high tops. Found them in the boys section of Sears.

    March 6, 2017