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I have a thing for Doritos, specifically Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos. If you aren't familiar, they’re in the purple bag. When I lived in Bed Stuy, I ate them at least once a week. Since the move to Washington Heights, I have probably had them twice in two years. 1. I got soft. I have laundry in my new building. In Bed Stuy I had to hang out in front of the laundry mat while my clothes were washing. Doritos were my reward. 2. There was no bodega

Last night I fell down a Youtube rabbit hole. One of my Facebook friends posted the Mikhail Baryshnikov/Gregory Hines dance scene in White Nights. This led me to Gregory Hines dance videos, then Sammy Davis, Savion Glover, Nicholas Brothers, Bill Bojangles, Sandman Sims

I have been thinking a lot about Bullying lately. (I wonder why.) I spent a good portion of childhood being bullied. It was really awful and it has molded who I am as a person. Has it made me stronger? Sure, but it has also made me anxious. It has permanently changed the way I relate to people. Funny thing is bullies don't fare much better. How do we combat Bullying. The "We should all love one another doesn't work." Everyone isn't going to love one another.

I wear sneakers everyday. I wear them to work, to dinner and sometimes to formal events. I have other shoes, but if given a choice it's sneakers. My mother and I used to argue about wearing nice shoes. She finally gave up a couple of years ago. The earliest fight I remember was in July of 1981. I was getting ready for Ravi's birthday party. My mother and I picked out a red and white checkered apron dress. Then my mother pulled out the dreaded patent leather

My first two years in New York I temped at Warner Music Group (Atlantic, Elektra and Warner). I was poorly paid, but after three months of unemployment, I could finally pay my rent and feed myself. My first assignment was assembling press kits in the A&R Department at Atlantic. The department's assistant was in the cube next to mine, so we chatted a bit while we worked. Me: How do you like working at a music label? Assistant: I love it! Me: Cool! Is this what you always wanted to do? Do

New York has been on my mind, over the past few weeks. When things get difficult or uncertain, I do an audit, to determine whether this place is worth it. Obviously after fourteen years, the pros have won, but it has been a real struggle. My first apartment in New York was a fifth floor walk-up, jr. one bedroom, that I shared with my former college roommate.  The building was near the UN, so technically I lived in a good neighborhood. It's just that my building